In this Dyson DC24 review, we’ll talk about how dependable the Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Vacuum is when it comes to cleaning up multiple floor surfaces while remaining lightweight and compact to boot. The Dyson DC24 may not feature the same size as other standard vacuums or even its sibling vacuum, the DC25, but it nevertheless packs a punch when it comes to sucking up all the gathering dust and dirt in your home in a jiffy. Everything you need to know about the Dyson DC24 will be covered by this review or can be found in its helpful Dyson DC24 manual.


What the Dyson DC24 Brings to the Table


The Dyson DC 24 has few peers when it comes to portability, storage, and handling. The Dyson DC24 All-Floors Vacuum boasts of being the lightest upright vacuum in the Dyson brand line, which means that on top of the ball technology that ensures its maneuverability, it’s also easier to lug around the house because it’s a lot lighter than the average Dyson upright vacuum (it weights around 11.6 pounds).


Besides which, the DC24 Dyson is just as powerful as any other upright Dyson vacuum because it also features Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone Technology that ensures no loss of suction and faster cleanup. Finally, the Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum is arguably the most maneuverable Dyson vacuum because on top of its lightweight size and design, it also has ball technology that provides it with a low center of gravity and the ability to turn on a dime.


Dyson DC24 vs. DC25


Ask yourself, when it comes to cleaning your home, does size matter? That’s because the Dyson DC24 and DC25 are practically twins aside from size. Both feature the ball technology, the cyclonic separation technology, and all the bells and whistles expected of a quality Dyson vacuum product. However, if you have a larger home, it’s best that you pick the DC25 instead.


What the DC25 can’t do that the Dyson DC24 can certainly accomplish is moving through small space. It can clean up the dog hair from the small spaces of your microfiber sofa or suck up the dirt in all the nook and crannies of your home without excessively depending on the drawable telescopic reach wand because of how compact and lightweight it already is.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dyson DC24 Vacuum


As other Dyson DC24 reviews would confirm, the Dyson DC24 Multi Floor is capable of steering with ease through the different obstacles in your house without moving any of your furniture around, which cuts cleanup time in half. You don’t have to push the Dyson 24 back and forth to ride corners because it rides on a ball.


In short, the Dyson DC24 Vacuum provides everything you could ever need out of vacuuming for a medium-sized home without necessarily paying extra for, say, the larger Dyson DC25. Storage is a breeze for the Dyson DC24 All Floors because it includes an easy-to-compress handle and it’s already small enough to fit most closets or lockers.


However, the Dyson Vacuum DC24’s greatest strength tends to also be its weakness, especially if you don’t live at an apartment and are instead staying at a large home. As mentioned earlier, the Dyson Ball DC24 was designed to be Dyson’s lightest upright vacuum, so cleaning up large garages, expansive halls, or any other wide area that requires heavy duty cleanup is best handled by Dyson’s larger vacuums. Its plug’s reach is also too short.